Our bookkeepers understand trades businesses

Timewise Financial Solutions specialises in helping construction businesses. We’ve worked with plenty of electricians, builders, plumbers, carpenters, tilers…the list goes on! Working with these tradies has given us tonnes of insight and understanding into what goes on in their day-to-day business operations. We decided to focus our business on serving tradies because we love it when our clients are hard-working people, we understand their businesses and we know how to help them.

Not getting paid on time?

You’re not alone. Many businesses in the construction industry struggle with managing debtors and as a result have poor cashflow. We can help you get paid sooner by taking a look at your current job schedule, cash management system and invoicing process. Then we’ll give you our suggestions and tell you how to actually make those changes in your business today!

Do you or your partner spend hours each night trying to sort out your books?

Many of our clients came to us because their partner was spending too much time of an evening trying to sort out their books. It would leave them really busy, stressed and often the books weren’t in good shape. Does that sound like you? Surrounded by piles of paperwork that you don’t understand? Just like building a house, servicing a car or installing some equipment, bookkeeping is one of those things that is best left to the professionals. Timewise Financial Solutions can handle this for you…and save you some time and money along the way. Our experts are qualified professionals with years of experience with construction businesses.

Struggling with job pricing?

Are you pricing effectively? We find many tradies aren’t using effective methods when pricing their jobs and often leave a lot of money on the table. We’ll sit down with you to assess your current pricing strategy and develop a new plan to replace the tired cost-plus method. Our service is entirely tailored to your business, so we’ll make sure we have a detailed understanding of your business before we begin.

Is managing workflow and staff getting tricky?

Work and job scheduling is an important part of running a successful trades business. In order to get the job done, you need to figure out how many people you need, where you need them, at what time and what experience they need. We can help you with this process by reviewing past job activity, taking a look at your current systems and helping you make any needed changes. Any business owner who employs staff knows it can be difficult. It can be hard to find committed but flexible workers who will get the job done. We’ll help you implement strategies to manage staff better, saving you time and likely saving you some stress!

It’s safe to say we’ve developed an understanding of the challenges you face every day.

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