How to get professional business stationery on a tight budget

First of all if you’re like most budget-conscious companies, any opportunity to grow your business and save a few dollars is therefore a win.

These tips will help you create professional business stationery that builds trust in your brand. It will help to promote your company and market your services without breaking the bank.

Explore cost saving DIY options

Time to consider your business stationery options and budget. If you’ve already got your brand’s visual identity down, you’re halfway there. (If you haven’t invested in your brand’s visual identity, this blog post can help you get started.)

As a result of having your trademark colors, fonts, and logo you are ready to go. You can easily print business cards or company letterhead by using free customization templates. Or by creating your stationery from scratch.

  • Microsoft Office Suite includes simple design templates for business cards, letterhead, newsletters, invoices, and more.
  • The paid version of a G Suite account allows you to create customization business letterhead using their Template Gallery. This article walks you through the DIY design process using Google Docs.
  • If you’re confident in your design skills, you can draft a template in your preferred word processing application. Be sure to include all the key elements – your logo, business name, and contact information.

As a result of having business stationery templates ready to go, you’ll need to choose which services to use. You can hire the services of a local print shop for professional quality printing. You could even consider investing in a high quality printer which means you can print on demand any time.

Look into low-cost online designers

Because of the gig economy, business owners can now find affordable design expertise. Owners can choose among global talent in the online freelance marketplace.

  • Fiverr helps connect graphic designers (and a host of other freelancers) with the entrepreneurs. Their services with pricing as low as $5 per project. Start searching for a designer for your business cards and stationery project here.
  • 99 Designs helps business owners find the perfect match for any stationery project. Find a designer to create your logo and DIY the rest. Or get help with every aspect of your stationery needs. The platform lets you narrow your search by categories, industries, preferred language, and experience.
  • Creative Market offers 6,000 low cost stationery template sets you can quickly customize, available as downloadable digital files.
  • Moo makes it a snap to create unique designs using their customization templates. Or level up with a custom design package created by a professional designer. This affordable all-in-one solution quickly takes you from inspiration to printed product, delivered right to your door.

Finally these cost-saving ideas will help make a professional impression on your clients in no time.

Above all what’s the best part?  As a result you’ll save a pretty penny you can re-invest back in your business for greater growth and success.

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